Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So, looks like my whole blog got shut down over at WordPress after I posted about this piece on female sexuality in the New York Times.

Why? We'll never know since WordPress does not even care to explain themselves when taking such drastic action. And frankly, I do not care. There will always be someone taking issue with what I do. All my posts and your comments are saved on my hard drive. It will be fun to re-post some of that stuff and give it a new makeup.


  1. Hey 11,could you kindly post ALL of that older stuff.I'm trying to gather as much info together on the topic as I can,in preparation for a possible blog of my own.

    many thanks

  2. Yes - they will all be up again by next week.

  3. Interesting reaction from WordPress.Typical though.You might find this one interesting too.


  4. Here is a link to the (google-archived) posts of the old blog for anyone who needs quick access:

  5. is it really true that they do not explain why they shut down your blog?

    was it about explicit content? but then what about the other very open blogs?

    or was it about copyright? quoting too much or something?

    now i really want to read your thoughts on that *very interesting for the mainstream press* nyt article.

    would you have lost your posts if you had not saved them? (it's hard to believe that wordpress would be this unprofessional.)

    the answers are important to anyone using wordpress and relying on their service.

  6. Nice to see that the blog is back. You should look into getting your own domain name and a small account at a web host. It costs a few bucks per month and it's slightly less convenient than a free solution but it's definitely worth it. Do it now before people start linking to this blog. Not having control over your domain is pretty beta. ;-)

  7. See who's back!

    Missed you, man. In one week I had lost two of my favorite bloggers.

    Wordpress did not like women to be compared with bonobo's eh?

    Guess you walked over some vaguely drawn bonobo rights there, eleven.

  8. Hey 11minutes, are you going to post the archive or import into blogger? I'd love to read it. Seems like the google archive is dead at this point.

  9. I'd also enjoy reading the old posts.

  10. I started reposting some of the old stuff at:

    Check back frequently as it will take me a while to upload all previous posts.