Monday, June 1, 2009

The Case of the Female Orgasm

Evolutionary theory predicts a lot of things when it comes to sexuality, but female orgasms are definitely not among them. You can come up with all kinds of ideas of how an orgasmic vulva might help a female increase her biological fitness, but the problem with that is that:
"no study has ever established a reliable link between a woman's orgasmic capabilities and her fertility or fecundity."

Does that mean that the female orgasm has no biological function at all?

Maybe so.
Maybe not.

What these studies fail to measure are the actual fitness of women who are completely anorgasmic, lightly orgasmic or hyper-orgasmic. Fertility is just one of the factors that goes into that equation.

Other variables include the type of men these women are able to attract (since men get turned on by expressiveness, it seems likely that they prefer wildly squirting multiple climaxers over anorgasmic women). And there may also be an direct benefit of pleasure on biological fitness.

What are the practical implications?

This is an interesting question.

If the female orgasm has no biological function whatsoever (including pair-bonding) indeed, then Roosh is right: It doesn't matter if she orgasms or not.
His observation that women will return to "get more" whether or not he made sure they climaxed or not is interesting, if not revealing.

Yet, I can see similarly plausible arguments for the assumption made in the essay "How Feminism destroyed Real Men" by Nirpal Dhaliwal, as featured in a recent post by alphadominance:
"The female orgasm is the natural mechanism by which men assert dominion over women: a man who appreciates this can negotiate whatever difficulties arise in his relationships with them."
This assumption is backed up by the observation that women often assert they leave nice guys for their sexual inabilities (and vice versa about what is so appealing about getting fucked roughly by an alpha male).

I am interested in your opinion/experience.


  1. this reminds me of the girl last night that whispered in my ear that she likes it rough. i quoted Lady Gaga by saying "if it isn't rough then it isn't fun." we all laughed at the fact that I knew Lady Gaga lyrics, but then there was the shared knowledge that Lady Gaga put it well and spoke the truth with that line.

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  2. i'd say making her orgasm is a very attractive quality and also an especially important expression of dominance.

    but the vote presents a false dichotomy. even if it's not the "ultimate" way of expressing dominance, it can have an impact on her feelings toward us.

    certainly the person who can make the other cum at will wields considerable power. if she has such power over you, you are much much less attractive. if you have such power over her, you are more attractive.

    but i would stress another point: being obsessed with making her cum gives her too much power again. what if she is anorgasmic?

    i think a healthy attitude is to be a dominant and attentive lover of considerable endurance. fuck her well. she will appreciate this greatly whether or not she cums.

  3. 11:

    i posted on this last month. i found an excerpt from one of the books in one of your links. the favorite hypothesis for the development of the female orgasm is the "Evaluation Theory". this says that females have more orgasms with men that own traits that are important to being worthy mates. symmetry and social dominance are important to women, therefore they have developed female orgasm in response to those male traits. since there is so much information in the form of multiple male choices, the man who makes her orgasm "the best" is remembered and/or favored over others, at the margin.

    basically the female orgasm just gives the woman another piece of information for her to use in the process of finding a suitable mate and/or mates.

  4. Thanks for the link. This is a great post, Chuck.

    Evaluation Theory gets close to what meant by "choice of partner". It could not only re-affirm an alpha status male to her, but get him to come back after having great sexual experiences, too. After all men like female orgasms.

    BTW, one way to explain the male preference for female orgasms in an evolutionary sense is that her sexual satisfaction might reduce the chances of her going after strange. David Shade is one the people who profit from the innate fear in men that a women who doesn't get to have screaming orgasms every day is more likely to wander.

    All these points speak somewhat against Roosh' claim/experience. One should see an effect in the "return rate" of women who had an orgasm versus those who didn't if Evaluation Theory is correct.

    On the other hand, why would there be such variability in orgasm rate for the same guy if its purpose is to anchor his status in the female mind? I bet that most of us had women not orgasm at all and others soaking the sheets without a change in our sexual technique.

    In other words, the biggest deciding factor seems to with the woman rather than the with the (quality of) man since orgasmic women tend to climax with varying partners, but not neccessarily vice versa.

  5. All interesting enough, but, uh, maybe women evolved to have orgasms makes them want to do boom-boom more than if it were a mere chore?

  6. James:

    the authors of one of 11's links address this issue. if i remember correctly, they say that evidence is inconclusive, but they point out that orgasmic women have the same amount of sex as anorgasmic women.


    an interesting hypothesis is put forth for the development of the fake female orgasm. besides the normal reasons of being too tired, it is hypothesized that women use that as a way to keep their mates happy thereby decreasing the fear of her cheating in order for her to cheat and diversify the genetic options of her offspring.

    sneaky bitches.

  7. When beta chimps get a chance to mate with one of the alpha's females, they do it very very fast, and they are always looking around, over their shoulders, for safety reasons. It's bam-bam-bam and run off.

    An alpha chimp will take his damn time, totally unconcerned if anyone "catches" him. It's his female, after all.

    Maybe female orgasms are hard to come by because they tell a woman that a man is not a freaked-out little beta.

  8. On the other hand, why would there be such variability in orgasm rate for the same guy if its purpose is to anchor his status in the female mind? I bet that most of us had women not orgasm at all and others soaking the sheets without a change in our sexual technique.

    Since different women have different options, the same man can be "high" status to some women and "low" status to other women.

  9. the same man can be "high" status to some women and "low" status to other women

    Good point.

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