Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why doesn't every woman want to sleep with you?

So here you are. You learned to see behind the matrix. You have realized that women do not really care about what you look like, what you wear, how much money you make and how much meat you pack.
You know the secret.

Looks don't matter. Appearance matters a lot.

Female desire is exclusive for the top guy, the highest ranking alpha male, the type of man who has got a vision and the confidence to get what he wants.

And so you have learned or perfected your skills. You now are the kind of guy that women want. Your body language lends you the radiating presence that makes females swoon. Your mind is sharp and your remarks witty. You have the respect of fellow men wherever you show up. Your swagger looks natural and your half-smile signifies a lifestyle of pleasure and inner strength.

At social gatherings you soon are the center of attention. You take charge of any situation while keeping anyone at ease. You are calm and relaxed, yet stern when need be. The looks you get from friends and strangers alike are an approval seeking mix of admiration and desire. Men want to be like you. Women want to be liked by you. You know many women who would be more than happy to drop whatever they are doing right now just to have sex with you. They'd rather be a girl in your harem than another men's broad. You are more busy rejecting offers than flirting. You are The Man.

Yet, there will always be women you want to have sex with, and it just doesn't happen.

None of the best seducers out there can claim a 100% success rate.
In fact, most of them do not even bother to deal with that statistic.

But some do. And it often is surprising.

Roosh stated somewhere that men should accept the fact that 99% of women do not want to have sex with them (and get over it). Others, such as Player Supreme, go even further and suggest to forget about any woman who does not signal interest.

Contrast that to the notion that any woman can be seduced given perfect game. Why would some women still be "out of your league"? Isn't that exactly the kind of limiting belief that prevents guys from getting big?

One lay in a hundred approaches seems somewhat low. However, there might be a bias in who you approach or not. It is easy to approach a girl or group if they haven't noticed you yet, and still easier to approach girls who made eye contact and smiled. How often will even the most die hard womanizers approach girls who showed signs of disapproval or disgust upon first look? And what about the ones who are clearly with husband or boyfriend? Lastly, think about the various models and superstars who so many guys desire, yet never even meet.

The maximal ratio of desirable women to sex partners remains somewhat in the dark (yet it is certainly higher than your opening-to-lay ratio).

So why is it that your perfectly high status, body language and game cannot grant you all the women you want? As a matter of fact, there might be several factors:

- Logistics: You cannot have sex on the spot with any girl you meet and the windows of opportunity often are short. If you will, logistics might also extend to other factors such as her hormonal and/or relationship status.

- Slut factor: Debatable. But, among groups of girls who share the same social circle, level of attractiveness and socioeconomic class there will always be some who happily jump from one guy's bed to another, and some whose lifestyle is closer to that of a nun. And the higher her sexual reservation the less likely she's gonna fall (given the amount of effort you are willing to put in).

- Mistakes: I mean, hey, nobody's perfect, right? Small flaws in your game can cost you sex with the woman of your dreams. And the more you want her, the more likely you'll screwing up.

- Factor X: What if looks (or other factors beside social status) do matter to some degree after all? What about gold diggers and size queens? What about white girls with a black fetish? And let's not forget about lesbians...

What's interesting is that the idea that mistakes are the ultimate cause of rejection is the default hypothesis for many.

Understandably so. It seems certainly helpful to think over your approach in case of rejection. Things can always be improved, and humans tend to learn best by trial-and-error. Furthermore, assuming universal attraction grants you natural confidence, abundance mentality and frees you of any complex you might have about your looks.

But, assuming mistakes as sole source of female disapproval has the severe downside of placing all the burden on you. Her rejection becomes your fault. And that might not neccessarily be always the case.
In the game of life the most rational players are the ones most likely to win. Which is exactly why, in business as in human relationships, assuming short time failure can be the road to to long term success.


  1. mistakes need not cost you a lay/relationship/girl. if most of you is on point, women will forgive ALL manner of fuck-ups. I got drunk and texted a girl "I miss you and love you" (I was f'ing blackout drunk. She played it off, we later dated for nearly a year. That would be the death knell for many guys, even already in a relationship. the more alpha, the more leeway you can earn...same as cheaters. why do women put up with inveterate cheaters: he has established some other seriously desirable qualities (and has outclassed all of her simpy ex's during the relationship up until the getting caught part) and she fears a return to the sea of herbs that is most of the male population.

  2. Why would some women still be "out of your league"?

    Why not reframe it as, "Why would some women still be in a different wavelength?"

    Why call them out of your league? Many times, rejections I got were from girls out of my league, lower than me at the moment of approach... Many times, my attitude of confidence scared women in my league, and many times, it was just some rejection.

    The fallacy that " a good seducer" can get any woman is what causes men to take rejections so seriously.

    The men who have the least rejections and the highest success vs rejection ratio are not necessarily the ones who have the excellent approach and follow up game, but the ones who have the best radar for female attention. They are the ones who only approach upon a clear signal from a woman, not the ones who have the bulletproof openers.

    Besides inner game and attitude (and learned body language, behavior patterns), the second best thing a man can do is to learn to observe the environment, decode signals and act upon them.

    What's interesting is that the idea that mistakes are the ultimate cause of rejection is the default hypothesis for many.

    You can learn from every approach, from every rejection. If you have read some game, or have good attitude, then possibly the lesson will not be "Damn, if I had not made the mistake, I would have laid her", but will be "Hmm.. Ok, this was a mistake, but the mistake was a minor factor in the rejection. Learn from the mistake, but take no hit on your ego. It was not about you"

    If you are clueless, then this is not the case, obviously.

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