Friday, October 2, 2009

David Letterman, Alpha Male

ADDED Oct. 7: For all the haters, here's a couple quotes from today's Maureen Dowd column:

From what we know so far, and that may not be everything, the women who got involved with Letterman were not pressured. One former intern, Holly Hester, said she had wanted to marry him but that he broke it off because of their age disparity.

Stephanie Birkitt, his former lover and assistant, described herself as his best friend. She was not punished but rewarded with a recurring on-air starring role — despite the fact that she wasn’t funny or charming. As usual, Letterman was living out loud on the show, showing the audience his crush. His company footed the tab for Birkitt to go to law school, a loan she has now paid back; it says it did the same for some other staffers who wanted to pursue higher education.

As a side note, the fact that uber-shrike Dowd takes a conciliatory tone towards Letterman just further proves his alpha appeal. Eat it, haters.


I just heard about the David Letterman sex extortion case. He's been blackmailed by a man who claims to have damning evidence about Letterman's multiple affairs with female employees of his production company, Worldwide Pants. The man wanted $2 million, and Letterman and his lawyer set the blackmailer up by meeting with him several times and even giving him a phony check.

But what Letterman did next was what inspired me to put a post on about it. For a minute put yourself in his situation. Someone is threatening you with public embarassment. You have a family, you have a job that, while it allows you to make lots of crass jokes every night, basically rests on you being acceptable to Middle American TV-watchers on a nightly basis. Howard Stern could not do Letterman's job (actually, he probably could because Stern is a very smart guy... but you get what I mean, he would have to totally change his public persona).

Well, Basic Damage Control 101 states that you own up to everything, immediately. So Letterman did that. But rather than just releasing a statement he brought it up directly on his show.

But then, instead of just bringing it up, he took the opportunity to tell a little story. He's a good story-teller (whether you like his show or not, it's obvious that entertaining people is one of his strong suits as opposed to, say, mountain climbing or impressionistic painting). So he took the opportunity to tell his version of the story. And he spends seven minutes telling the story from his point of view, quite sympathetically. Then about a minute and thirty seconds owning up to his supposed "crimes." (The "crimes" consisted of having sex.)

Behold an alpha performing a massive reframe. The link is at the end of this post.

Notice the fine touches. He pokes a little fun at himself, but in just the right way. He makes fun of his midwestern Lutheran, guilt-based upbringing, which is exactly the sort of thing to remind people of when you are being portrayed as a sleazy New York womanizer. He jokes that no one could imagine that he had sex, but of course this is after he's already established that he has... in fact so much sex that people are trying to blackmail him about it. He's being charming and self-deprecating, but never once denying that, yes, he's an alpha male that fucks his cute emloyees.

From here on out, anyone that tries to profit off this, whether the blackmailer or the women who were involved, will just look petty and Letterman will look more and more magnanimous. And to his other female employees, trust me, more and more attractive.

Massive reframe. Alpha.


  1. Your argument is about as well formed as the english in your last sentence. "And to his other female employees, trust me, more and more attractive." Not attractive to them at all, just a sleaze bag who will crap on them whenever he likes. I didn't see the clip but it sounds like anyone who was taken in by it deserves the crap he feeds out.

    If Alpha male is about finding clever ways to screw your employees then it deserves the hatred it gets. The real test is how a man can be super attractive to women and not treat them like meat. A real man has strength and presence and sends women wild, but he has respect for them, their desires and their needs. He does what he wants and he manages to find out what they want. They are rare but they have significantly more interesting lives than the Letterman types who just screw around and laugh about it.

  2. Reading that second paragraph by Graham, I thought he was a woman.

    You're wrong Graham. You don't respect anyone simply for "being" which is what you're saying about women and their desires and needs. You respect someone for what they have accomplished, or for their character.

    Your statement that the women won't find Letterman is so off base. Women might "say" they don't find him attractive, but they will ust for him more, not less. The term is "social proof." Go read some books on psychology to understand it.

    Logically, if women didn't find him attractive for being "a sleazeball" he wouldn't have any of them to "crap on."

    It will be interesting to see if his ratings go up. If I was to bet, I would say they will.

    Finally, who made you the arbiter of what a "real man" is? That's just an attempt at social shaming. That's a woman's tactic and it works on women. "Real men" don't care what other people think, "He does what he wants . . ."

  3. Graham Phoenix said:

    Your argument is about as well formed as the english in your last sentence.

    Pedantic much, Graham? Sentence fragments are pretty standard usage when they follow the same parallel structure of the complete preceeding sentence. But while we're being picky little bitches, you forgot to capitalize "English."

    Also, try actually engaging in a subject before prejudging. You didn't watch the video but you have a two paragraph critique? I bet you have all sorts of opinions on shit you've never read.

    And since when is having sex with a woman "treating her like meat?" That's so deeply repressed and fucked up and ass backwards I don't even know where to start. Women like sex. At least if you're doing it right. I have a suspicion about you, Graham...

  4. You know, skip, if you fucked my wife, and were her boss, there wouldn't be any paper trail, confrontations, or threats. No police record that is.

    There would just be your dead corpse. I'll leave it to the police, who can't catch the dozens of ACTIVE Ted Bundy's currently killing around the United States, to figure out which husband offed you. Maybe they'll use a cardboard cut-out of Horatio Cane to help them.

    Is that alpha or beta, skip?

    Does it betray the loser stink of bitterness? Or is that just the smell of your rotting corpse?

  5. It occurred to me that some people might actually believe that it is possible to determine whether the female employee was willing or unwilling to have sex with the boss. Normally, it would be impossible. The woman could lie both ways for typical female reasons. Hope that clears that up.

    Of course, with the Letterman 'story', neither you, nor the police, have or will make the attempt to find out.

    But then again, neither would I.

  6. You know, skip, if you fucked my wife, and were her boss, there wouldn't be any paper trail, confrontations, or threats. No police record that is.

    What does this have to do with Letterman? Anyways, your violent wet dream is a result of your beta upbringing. A well fucked and kept wife would have no reason to cheat on her husband.

    If she does, it's the husbands fault. Plain and simple. You can't blame it on some guy who spots a female with a wandering eye.

  7. Who's "skip"?



    Is that alpha or beta, skip?

    It's suuuuper alpha, dude. Kudos!

  8. Perhaps you can arrange it so comments must be approved by admins/mods before letting retards like Graham and anonymous post their literary barf here?

    I watched the clip. Letterman has such excellent perspective. That's why he can crack a great joke even when everything he loves and cares about is at stake.

    Dogen, what do you know about the concept "observing ego", and would you care to give your thoughts in a future posting?

  9. Seems like the video in the original link is down. Here it is again in HD:

    I would have never watched that clip without the post since there was just too much coverage on the MSM. But now I am glad I did.

    Master Dogen's analysis is spot on.

    Some more things to note:
    - Letterman does not apologize - he literally owns it.
    - Letterman is cracking jokes, but he is dead serious during the parts that involve any kind of human dignity (it is the audience turning it into funny)
    - He even repeats the "tough" statement (>>I have had sex with women who work for the show<<) - without any discomfort in his body language.
    - What I found most remarkable:
    To the contrary of what the trolls on here were writing, David Letterman did not joke at the women's cost. Instead, he cleverly reframed the whole thing as a breach of indiscretion that will hurt others more than him:

    >>Would it be embarrassing if this were made public? Perhaps it would. Especially for the women.<<

    I can imagine some people to be cynical about that statement. It might be branded as a cheesy attempt at scoring sympathy, an excuse for keeping his affairs secret, or even as a bad joke.
    But none of that takes away from the fact that what Letterman said right there is very true. And it is a first for any public disclosure of affairs. In addition to the balls, it takes someone with quite a bit of insight into female psychology.

  10. Amusing.

    What does this have to do with Letterman? Anyways, your violent wet dream is a result of your beta upbringing. A well fucked and kept wife would have no reason to cheat on her husband.

    Can't see how a boss could get a female employee to fuck him even if she doesn't want to. How very child-like.

    Notice the more skilled liars leave that little point alone. That's because they are good at lying and you aren't.

    It's suuuuper alpha, dude. Kudos!

    Proof that even a stopped clock is right once a day.

    Did some of the people posting think I am trying to reason with them? HA! God In Heaven, who would be so mad? Oh yeah, the little bald nerd you all laughed at in Beta Machine. He ONLY might have lost his job over the laptop failure. But he tried to REASON with the animal. So the kill-knives come out.

    Contempt is SO much more effective.

  11. Can't see how a boss could get a female employee to fuck him even if she doesn't want to. How very child-like.

    Is this what happened with Letterman? Please, show your (not anecdotal) evidence and let the facts speak for themselves. Unless, you're trying to infer that this is how every male boss-female employee dynamic works; which would be pretty obtuse on your part.

    Me thinks someones wife got fucked by the boss.

  12. "sleaze bag who will crap on them whenever he likes."- not one woman has come foward like they did with O'Reilly and said they were harassed. not one woman has said she was intimidated, or felt pressured.....all that is known that he had sex with them of their own volition.

  13. Perhaps Matt has a good idea... then he can wallow in his own illusions without letting the light of the outside world creep in. I hope he continues to enjoy his 'Alpha' world, I just wonder what will happen when a younger buck comes along and kicks him in the ass.

  14. Thanks for reminding me about Matt's post, Graham!

    Matt: I meant to address this when you first asked, but I got sidetracked.

    I looked up the "observing ego" as that particular phrase was unfamiliar to me outside of a casual word formation. It sounds a lot like, ironically, the non-ego state practiced and advocated in the southern "theravada" school of Buddhism.

    I chose the name Master Dogen because he's a personal hero of mine. He was the defining master of early Japanese Zen (early 13th century) as it made the journey over from China. I've been a practicing Buddhist for over 12 years, though not the kind of uptight, faux-peaceful Buddhism that has become popular among lefties in the US. I'm a disciple of the lusty, red meat Zen masters of Medieval China and Japan.

    Anyway, there are lots of meditation exercises and states of concentration that are designed to induce precisely that, the "observing ego.," (though, again, they use almost exactly the opposite terminology). It can be fascinating to watch yourself react to something on an emotional level, and then have the real-time wherewithal to decide whether or not to go with that emotion.

    If you are still following this thread, perhaps you could say a few more words about the "observing ego" from a Western psychological perspective, as I'm not really familiar with it beyond a quick Google search.

  15. Something different... Why did you guys include Pimp by Iceberg Slim on your standard works list? Though I think it is a great read, I don't see the merit of it in the context of this blog. Could you perhaps elaborate on this choice?

  16. Alpha men is the one who have biggest number of women?

    Because women remember most the men to whom she lost virginity except she was drunk or drugged. Women 'll never tell you but it is true.

    What most women want is children and family to care for. Women in media and business are not women at all. David Letterman had sex with unfeminine second class women who are modern career feminists. Women who exchange her body for career or other advantidges.

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