Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I know many men who are "good with women". But, for me, Pierre will always reign as their uncrowned king.

Men seduce women for all kinds of reasons.
Right and wrong.

I know several guys who went through a very painful break up experience in the past, and now try to avoid any future pain by reducing women to emotion-less sexual pleasure. Some of them have even come to hate women. They are the most successful, and they use sex as a way to live out their hidden aggression. And then there are men who claim themselves that they are addicted to sex. Their unquenchable thirst for quick satisfaction and adventure makes them stray moonlit nights like cats during heat. And then of course, there is the prototypical type of man who likes to foster a frail ego by "racking up notches".
But Pierre is none of that.

Pierre loves women. He really, truly loves women.

Pierre is one of the few men out there who are deeply fascinated by anything feminine and beautiful. The mere sight of a pretty girl makes Pierre light up, and he can talk for hours non-stop about about his perception of women as sparkling lights in an endless night of dark existence. The use of plural is important here. Pierre loves women. All of them. But he especially loves young, pretty girls with the a certain amount of class and sass.

Pierre's love borders on obsession. He never had a "real" job. He never even thought about "career", as so many other guys do at some point in their twenties or thirties. Pierre always did whatever he had to do in order to get the cash that is needed to survive (seducers don't need to die of hunger; last time I met him he sold used cars). Pierre has no incentive to climb the ranks as he has realized that jobs and money are not what gets women in his life (a dangerous insight for any man). And all Pierre really cares about is keeping a steady influx of women into his life.

Pierre's mind, free of the concerns that plague the majority of his peers, is constantly set on female sensuality. He owns an extensive collection of romance novels. Each of which he had studied meticulously to gain insight into the inner workings of the female mind. At some point he bought a suit and a brief case to camouflage as modern day businessman. This enabled him to inconspicuously ride the NYC subway for hours at a time. He felt that this close up vantage point gave him an ideal opportunity to study the object of his desire. Thanks to his massive investment, Pierre slowly developed a deep understanding of the other sex. And he uses it. To make fantasies real.

When I first Pierre, he was introduced by a mutual friend. He struck me as a slim, short man in his late twenties with longish, brown hair and a dark complexion. His parents were French and Italian. The resulting mix of accents really made him sound like a romance-novel protagonist come true. He wore lose, all white clothes, white slippers and a rather cheesy gold necklace. His aura was such that all this condensed tackiness somehow looked classy, stylish and tasteful on him. He nervously flicked his gold wrist watch while he spoke.

Pierre's friend introduced him as a "natural", a guy who is successful with women without conscious effort. Given Pierre's decade-long effort to understand the female psyche, this is somewhat of an overstatement. But what is interesting is that Pierre is a self-taught seducer rather than a member of the seduction community. We encouraged Pierre to share some of his insight, and what followed was surprising to any of us.

Pierre's key to success is playfulness. His interactions with women are a steady trip into the world of fantasy. He likes to "call" a woman on his virtual cell phone just to talk (or have public phone sex) with her. And he turns an average date into a visit at his "own" five star restaurant, constantly jumping from one role to another (from bouncer to waiter to owner to "guy who will fuck you tonight").

Pierre combines this approach with deep sensuality. His own hedonism makes it easy for him to get women to swoon over his play with their senses. I have seen Pierre show up at a bar with a bottle of red wine, telling women that he will only uncork it if he finds a beautiful body "to lick it from". He also carries a pair of red ribbons at all times. They either serve him as blindfolds (in combination with real or imagined chocolate), or as makeshift ties. Pierre is proud that women usually trust him enough to let him tie them up at the first sexual encounter (he prefers using his belt for that).

Once Pierre learned about PUA, he got hooked. He must have felt lonesome and misunderstood for most of his life, and suddenly he came in touch with guys who seemed to share his fascination and obsession. More so, they would listen in awe when he recalled his various stories, advice and philosophy.

Of course, Pierre's autonomously derived ideas about what works and what doesn't were far from the science-infused hypothesis of the seduction community. He smiled at the idea that women would be drawn to men like silver back gorillas, and joked any time someone was making an obvious attempt at "being alpha". It was a classic case of "unconscious competence". Whenever I saw Pierre with women, he would take charge; grab their hands and have them dance, change location or do other things to his liking. Behind his small, frail statute and metrosexual appeal, he hid a deep masculine core. Pierre was no whimp.

It did not take long until word got spread about "this guy". Pierre's claim to fame was the way he approached women. At a bar or club, he would walk up or stop any girl that he deemed worth the attempt, sneak up to her, embrace her closely and whisper in her ear that he would "love to fuck her". He had some more tools in his arsenal (such as paper flowers made of napkins), but by and large that was it. Pierre basically did the apocalypse opener (a truly frightening experience for most men) - but with the ease and comfort of the seasoned pro. Pierre's motto was the 3W's: "Some Will, some Won't so What?". But he often got what he wanted. Multiple times a night. Right there at the bar.

The last time I met Pierre, I bumped into him at a local bar. He had just tried his line on the girl I was with (after I had prepared her for that). And when he recognized my face next to her he started smiling and used his arms for full body contact. I noticed black nail polish on his fingers. He explained that he now worked as a pickup instructor and that he was "demoing" for some of the guys who paid for the workshop. After a brief chat, he went on and started talking to girls again. It didn't go great. Something had changed.

The black nail polish was a sign of doom. The man who had unrivaled success with women had lost faith in his own beliefs and started acting on those of others. More so, however, he had made his passion his job.

Psychologists know well that adding external reward (such as money) tends to paradoxically diminish a person's intrinsic motivation. It is for this reason that children often stop painting if parents start giving them sweets in return, and so many musicians stop losing interest in the art their performing. If you belong to the lucky ones who discovered things in life you are truly, really passionate about, and someone offers you an opportunity to make money of it remember my friend Pierre...


  1. That's a great story. I know a lot of naturals who get into the community often get worse before they get better again. I'm curious to see how Pierre progresses as he gets further along in the game.

    On the flip side, though, a lot of the best PUAs get good by joining companies. Unless you have a really cool group of friends, or have the grit to stick it out alone, being a pickup instructor is probably one of the best ways to immerse yourself in pickup deeply enough to master it.

  2. excellent story. i would like to meet this pierre.

    i wore black nail polish once, along with a congruent outfit. that was the only time i wore it.

  3. @ roissy - "Pierre" used to hang out at Eighteenth Street Lounge a lot, but I haven't seen him in a long time. The people I am talking about used to hang out at Ferrari's. It's a small world after all.

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