Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why the omega males we all know are still desirable

This might be a boring and repetitive point for some, but since it keeps popping up:

Yes, there are some actors, singers and other celebrities that are commonly seen as "hot" despite their obvious impersonation of what evolutionary theory deems unattractive to women. Does this disprove the core assumption of seduction theory: a man's non-verbal indication of high status is the ultimate aphrodisiac?

Of course not.

As we have repeatedly pointed out on this blog, fame equals pre-selection. And research shows that social proof is the ultimate indication of high (alpha) status. 

Moreover, being on screen or stage means total reign of attentional territory (the alpha males ultimate kingdom):

A man can literally look like a gnome, or be a wavering loser who bites his finger nails, constantly cries and still lives with his mom but be hot as hell - as long as there is total control of the scene.

Brain scans reveal that people watching movies are literally synchronized in their brain activities. This is mostly due to the fact that each observers eye movements get drawn to the same spots on the screen at the same time (an amazing byproduct of good movie making).

In other words, actors in a movie (and singers on stage) have the power to direct the eye movements of all people present at the time. To the female (unconscious) mind ever screening for the top dogs among men, this complete control of other people's minds, this absolute reign of attentional territory will be proof enough of desirability.

More than that, if you watch movies carefully, you will notice that the screen writers (consciously or not) play with the female psyche by adding high status behavior to low status males in order to render them more attractive.

Typical examples include the frequent "transformation" of shy guys into ballsy heroes the moment their oh so adored girl gets into danger. The fact that such a drastic change of character would never happen in real life seems to be completely oblivious to most women (personal communications). Once you become alert to that motif, you will notice this pattern (a moment in the movie where the lead guy has to "proof" his "hidden" masculinity and thereby become attractive) in almost any movie that is not exclusively targeted at male audiences.

To find out how women truly feel about weak-seeming men, try your local bar. Observe the combined female reaction to the guys in "death row": the guys standing with their back to the walls, liquid courage in front of their chest, desperately ogling at the skank fest unraveling in front of their eyes. If you ever witness anything but complete disregard from the girls in attendance, drop me a line and I will edit this post.

If that observation alone is not sufficient, grab a girl and play "Fuck, Mary, Kill" with her. But be prepared for shocking revelations.

I have tried this exercise dozens of times when I was bored during a night out. The result always is the same. If you are atuned to social dynamics, you will be able to make out the few alpha males who the girl selects as shag-material before she even opens her mouth. It is even easier to spot the relationship-worthy betas (which, by the way, still get ignored by even the most desperate boy-friend seeking girls in favor of the few assholes in the audience). The true eye opener for the unitiated is the "Kill" category. It will unlock a passionate hate in the most sweet looking girls you can imagine. If you ever doubted if women truly loath omega males, don't listen to their words, watch their actions.


  1. Playing Marry, Fuck, Kill is remarkable for the sheer loathing they express for most men. It is an eye opener.

    You realize that women are not friends of men, despite their protests to the contrary

  2. Great post... All true and it bears repeating, 11 my brother.

    BTW, I heard Verne Troyer has a donkey cock, so there's that too.

    --yours truly,
    The Space Pope
    AKA Master Dogen

  3. such men are not omega males, even if they have omega/submissive/dorky looks or personalities. they are alpha males because their social persona/name/reputation/image is known and admired by many social participants (people) within the social context (culture).

    to understand this concept better it helps to understand how status works. social interaction is a type of performance, where we play ourselves, where we build this social avatar/character/persona, where we hope it will become desired and admired.

    think for a second about the most extreme form of social status - celebrity. celebrities are desired not for any actual qualities they have as actual persons, but for the social persona they "play" on the social/cultural stage. fame is just an extreme form of popularity. the coolest guy in school has a minor form of fame. every man - whether he knows it or not - has a social persona which the social context has ranked.

    we are all (both women and men) attuned to the social matrix to varying degrees. we all defer to high status personas. the difference is that for women this is intertwined with sexual attraction.

    iow, women don't care about any real personal or physical qualities the actual man possesses. instead women are attracted to the social avatar/character/persona he represents within the social matrix.

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