Saturday, February 5, 2011


Before I moved to NYC, I met this little girl.

She's half Filipino, half white. Very pretty, cute little butt, and surprisingly full little boobs. Sparkling, dark eyes. Black hair. Can you picture the girl yet? I could go on....

She's about 5'3" if that helps you picture her.

I wasn't sure if she was 17 or 18 when we hooked up. But that's in the past tense... Now I know she was 17 at the time. Earlier tonight (here in February, 2011, because I just ran into this chick) she debated me (she's 22 now) about whether it was 16 or 17. I knew it wasn't 16. I would have remembered that. So we settled on 17. I wish I could tell my loyal readers that I slept with her, but it would be a lie. We only kissed in the park in the sunlight and the grass, and made out in my apartment an hour later....

Back tomorrow with more...


  1. I knew it wasn't a mistake to keep your blog in my feedlist.

  2. Thanks guys.

    I have a brain-baby to birth on here. Somewhere mixed in with the placenta and all that nasty red goo, I have several posts that need to end up on the table somehow. Someone will also need to slap them around a bit to get them breathing.

  3. Yeah, real good to have you back.

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  5. Awesome! Welcome back, Master Dogen!

  6. Excellent. This was a favourite blog of mine when it was last active.

  7. Damn, glad to see you're still here! I honestly worried that you'd bought the farm or something.