Monday, February 28, 2011

This Charming Young Lady is the Future of America

What a lovely world we live in. I can't think of a single reason a man would want to move out of the country and date foreign women...

<a href="" target="_new" title="Little Girl Needs A Job">Video: Little Girl Needs A Job</a>

It's so nice to know the natural sweetness of children can be sucked from their beings as young as five years old. Who needs all that pesky normality and humanity when we can have empowerment?

Good luck, America.


  1. Goddamn, who is she emulating? This video breaks my heart a little bit.

  2. She is already an unhappy, careerist, self-obsessed person who assumes she must operate with an adversarial relationship with everyone around her. Only 5 years old. Astonishing.

  3. Even forgetting gender dynamics, have you ever seen a snottier little shit than that girl? Makes you want to punt the little brat.

  4. What kills me is that somewhere, hidden in castrated shame, is a so-called "man" who allowed this shit to proliferate.

  5. Her mother must be a piece of work.